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So as I said last night I have to do 10 Consecutive entries on my journal for [ profile] universe_the so I decided to do 10 days of things I like to talk about SHIPS. So I will be doing 10 entries on my ships chosen at random. WARNING: I am a SUCKER for crack pairs....but some of them you will be like NOR WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU the one I am about to post. But others you may be like OHHHHH I like! But please whatever you do don't flame me So sit back relax and enjoy:

aka Nor is going to SGA Hell for even putting that bastard with the awesome Elizabeth (It's not like it's Sheppard....)

How I came Across this ship?

So I was stalking this girl who wrote alot of fics about Acastus Kolya and I found on her journal she was doing a fic challenge with Kolya/Elizabeth as a pair. She never wrote any fics with the couple. But I was so intrigued by the pair that I am like wow....all the hate sex these two will hot would it fucking be. Since then I have been thinking of story ideas and have been thinking of adding them in my big damn crossover series Which will be brief because shes going back to her beloved Sheppard

Why I like this Ship?

I always LURVE a good hero/villain relationship and the fact every time these two interacted they ended up doing one thing to antagonize the other. It makes for a dark and beautiful love relationship if the writers were to explore it. I also enjoy it because when I do write fics with these two I get to gt to explore a side of Kolya you don't get to see in the show.

Favorite Moments with the Pair:
1) Where he almost killed her in "The Storm"
2) Where she yelled at him in "The Eye"
3) The fact he grabbed her to bring her back to his homeworld "the eye"
4) The Massive amount of tension everytime Kolya broadcasted his torture on Sheppard in "Common Ground" the fact it goes from banter to tension. (It was also a good Sparky Episode)

A Fic, A Video or Vidlet, I created for the Couple:
The fic that jump Started my new fic Series Misconceptions

A Fic I recommend for the Couple
Unfortunately I wrote most of the fics for the pair. But the lovely [ profile] rinkafic wrote a fic with the couple based on a prompt I gave her called Atlantis Syndrome

And thats it....feel free to add comments or start a discussion but one thing......YOU FLAME ME.....I WILL DELETE YOUR COMMENT XD
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