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So after that awesome episode of American Horror Story Freakshow (DOTT/JIMMY + BETTE ARE MARRIED AND HAVING TEACUPS AND I SHIP THEM TO HELL), I heard Jessica Lange is leaving AHS (I am devistated). Now she has become a fast favorite of mine Ming Na and Alex Kingston are still number 1. I use gifs of her on tumblr as reactions to bullshit because I love her that much so here is a picspam of Jessica as my salute (I hope we are wrong and she comes back =( )

I'm the surpreme )

Heres to you Jessica come back to AHS anytime you awesome queen!
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For [ profile] gameofcards We had to do a top ten list. So I decided to do my Top 10 Rare ships that I love. Some will be surprising some will not be. So without further ado here are:


my many ships )

I hope you enjoyed
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So for [ profile] gameofcards's AU challenge I decided to one of my favorite things to do...GENDERBEND. I was gonna do one I did with Stargate Atlantis in the beginning...and fix it up but I decided to go with Agents of Shield:

Rule 63 Verse

Let the bending begin )

Hope you enjoyed my little picspam. If you would like to see a Rule 63!verse with other characters let me know X33.
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So for [ profile] universe_the we had to honor five women in honor of International women's day. So I decided to honor my Five favorite women in Fandom, plus one honor in a picspam. ENJOY! (Some of them WONT be shocking at all no


I am Woman....HEAR ME ROAR )

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So for my community [ profile] universe_the I had to do a picspam on my top ten aspects of 2013. So I decided to do my favorite subject....MY TOP TEN FAVORITE SHIPS I SHIPPED THIS YEAR!. Enjoy (for the most part in no Particular order).

Ships Banner

It's Love Make it Hurt )
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