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Its that time of year again. [ profile] hc_bingo and god dammit I actually wanna finish this year. Like totally gonna do it! So I am gonna need your help heres my card:

My hc_bingo card )

Here are the fandoms I write for

Stargate Atlantis, Glee (I just ask PLEASE DON'T TOUCH FINN WITH THE DEADLY ONES WITH A TEN FOOT FUCKING POLE DUE TO WELL I'M SENSITIVE WITH CORY MONTEITH AND DEATH IN THE SAME SENTENCE!!!), Agents of SHIELD, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Torchwood, Doctor Who, Hawaii Five-0, Supernatural, The Hunger Games, Once Upon a Time, The Tudors, The Vampire Diaries, Sherlock

SEND ME ALLL YOUR PROMPTS...You will get a dedication and my undying love thank you!
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In addition to [ profile] 1_million_words which is the meat of my moyitivation, I will be also doing [ profile] getyourwordsout, with the combo of the two I hope to get challenges like Big Bangs finally finished! And alot of work of progresses finish. So here is my meter.

350 / 150000

Obviously not much but I hope that will change! Go me! If you would like to cheer me on...go right ahead.
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So I acquired Sony Vegas. Big mistake. I have been busy for the past couple of days making video creations and looking through tutorials, so I decided to show some of my videos I made. If you have any requests I can make them for you =D, starting with my Clint Barton part for a video collab Im doing

The prettehs )

And there you have it....products of advice if stumble across the program known as Sony Vegas....Do not get will make a massive amout of videos like me
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Alrighty I got a card for [ profile] angst_bingo.....I am on a roll with this thing anyway I need some prompts....fills I dont need prompts for are Drowning, Bullying, Depression and Eating Disorders (got them covering on HC Bingo so I am just gonna double up.

panic attacksdrowningbullyingbad sexguilt
dungeonsmultiple personalities crucifixiondepressiondiscovered
lacerationsusing others or being usedwildcardthe first timecraving
supernatural: gaining / losing immortalitysuperpowerscageshookersfallen angels
roofiedbroken boneseating disordersscarsisolation
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So I am doing [ profile] dark_bingo since I was on a recent writing roll give me a prompt based on one of these squares and depending if it is a fandom I write for....I am determined to finish this time.

clonesburnsbullet woundsregaining memoriesfever / delirium
unconsciousnesszombie apocalypseamnesialoss of home / shelterpost-apocalypse
paranoid delusionsloss of hearingwildcardattacked by a creatureusing others or being used
forced to rely on enemy / rivalmiles from anywheretorturemutationsupernatural: poisoning and weaknesses
loss of identitybroken bonesworst case scenariolacerationsjust this once
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So I am doing another bingo card and I need prompts some of the various fandoms I write are on my profile page. Happy prompting:

courtship ritualssupernaturalforced marriagewhipping / flogginginvisibility
exhaustionexileunexpected consequences of planned soulbondingforced to participate in illegal / hurtful activitylove potion / spell gone wrong
self-harmunable to performwildcardpoisoningworst case scenario
having wings (from birth or sudden onset)bodysharegriefarguments / fightingdrugs
secret admirersattacked by a creaturefightingusing others or being usedcoma
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