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The whole reverse bang was a disaster. Seriously I was thrown off by that, my job and my trip. I feel awful about it and I am afraid to say it. But I won't let it throw me down. I am actually now on a writing roll since I got back which is one of my many changes since I got back passing through my HC BINGO with flying colors. Maybe I will apologize to the person one day but until then I'll focus on the things that have made me stronger and actually take this new inspiration.
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Today at 4 PM Israeli time I left the country of Israel after spending 10 days touring the country for free I left Israel to take my plane back to New York. I have been home for only an hour.....and already I feel there is an intense void missing in my life for those ten days spending it with 37 people around me wanting and wishing for the same thing to see the holy landds, the country became my second home.

This was my second trip to Israel and I've seen more and experienced more than I did during my first trip. I hung out with Israeli Soldiers, climbed mountains/overcame obsticles (figuratively and LITTERALLY) Hell I saw the wall on shabbos and that was mazingg.

Anyway I would write more but IM EXHAUSTED so TTYL!
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