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If I didn't mention this 20 times I am today is a high holy day in the Jewish Religion. First off as per tradition since it's a new cycle I am supposed to apologize to any wrong doings.

So If I pissed you off this year...even if I didn't mean to I am sorry. Now that that's out of the way.

HAPPY ROSH HASSANAH (Jewish New Year) TO MY FLISTERS. May your year be swell and lovely and bring some really really good cheer. I love each and everyone of you crazy cats and may I get to spend another great year with you.

((Now I am gonna start off my four Day vacay yay!))
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So one of my LJ friends [ profile] hoktauri, who is a strong and awesome woman and like me a having finacial difficulties at the moment. I would donate but I am a bit of a money bind myself but this is the next possible option. I am posting an entry in hopes anyone on my F-list who has some cash to spare to help her. She is willing to write fic and make icons for any help possible

You can find Donation HERE.

If you don't have Cash I am posting a boost the signal button so you can spread the words other flisters....let's help our fellow Fandom junkie guys!

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