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If I didn't mention this 20 times I am today is a high holy day in the Jewish Religion. First off as per tradition since it's a new cycle I am supposed to apologize to any wrong doings.

So If I pissed you off this year...even if I didn't mean to I am sorry. Now that that's out of the way.

HAPPY ROSH HASSANAH (Jewish New Year) TO MY FLISTERS. May your year be swell and lovely and bring some really really good cheer. I love each and everyone of you crazy cats and may I get to spend another great year with you.

((Now I am gonna start off my four Day vacay yay!))
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So I don't usually promote communities but I feel this place deserves this. Last year I made a pledge to write more and get more words. I did some daily challenges but it wasn't enough. But then I stumbled upon [ profile] 1_million_words and it literally changed my life. I am a more motivated writer and instead of getting out something at least twice a year I get something fictional out at least once a month. So to show my gratitude for this new little adorable family I found this year I am going to advertise the community right here!

1 Million Acastus
REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD JOIN [ profile] 1_million_words

1) This place is not only a place for writers but for Graphics, so if you are a icon maker looking to get more icons it's the place to go.
2) The people are really nice. For all the drama I had this year.....I had NONE at this community. Everyone is sweet, kind and very supportive. No one ever fights there only supports...which even impresses the Owners.
3) The owner/founder speaking of which [ profile] kaige68 Is an absolute Darling. She is very supportive not only in writing and art making but in personal life too. I don't know how many times she came running to me to give me support. When I needed it like with the car
4) There is a prompt at least once a day, so you will be inspired to write and make art everyday.
5) You have so much fun there.

I urge you Flisters if you are a writer or a graphic artist to join this community. You will not regret it for a single minute! And guys thank you for getting me more motivated in writing. Love you all and this is me showing thanks X3.
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