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So there is something on Tumblr called "Melinda May Apperciation Week" So I decided to write some Meta on Philinda...doesnt contain too much Spoilerers enjoy:

Lets talk about Philinda.

Their story starts years long before the Batte of New York. Long before TAHITI. Their story is clouded in mystery, all we know is that something happened in Baharain and things changed. Melinda May wasn’t the same and shut herself away. Years passed, heroes rose and agents fell. And Phil Coulson finds himself after dying, trying to make sense of it, start over and trying to find a team to call her own.

Here’s where we come in.

Phil chooses Melinda to be part of his team, something that distinguishes May from the orginal members pre Skye.

He promises her, that he wouldn’t force her to do anything she didn’t want to. Despite resistance she eventually agrees with the promise that she will only drive the bus. (Of course later she changes her mind). Even then we see Melinda putting herself in a situation that can trigger her and open old wounds because she trusts Phil. She knows he would never intentionally put her in harms way. The trust is twofold. Melinda isn’t a stranger to Phil, she’s a friend and ally. He knows this will be good for her maybe bring back her confidence which was long burried behind papers of a desk.

We learn later there was alterior motives for Melinda’s addition to the team but even then we knew there was something special between the two of them.

The story progress and Melinda decides to come back to the team. After battes with thugs, aliens and monsters we reach a pivotal moment.

Phil still troubled, by his death and revival. He discusses his feelings with Melinda. He tells feels weird, odd….like theres something there that shouldn’t and then it happens.

Melinda asks him to open his shirt. Phil questions the idea behind it, but when he looks into her eyes he finally agrees. Here we see his scar for the first time, a long deep line burried deep in his ches What’s going to happen now? He is most likely wondering. Is she going to stare? Is she going to gasp in Disgust? She does neither. Instead her hands you his chest running her fingers against it.

He NEVER flinches. He stands still and looks at her.

The gesture alone is more powerful than her words. Its the sign that hes alive. Its a sign she’s there for him. It’s a sign….he needs her and she’s his other half.

The tides begins to change and their relationship is put to the test.

It begins when Phil is kidnapped by Centepede. For the first time we see Melinda stripped and vulnerable. Her usually stoic face is twisted in horror as he’s taken away from the fiery scene. So many questions run through her mind. Is she going to lose him again? She cannot bare to think to go through the pain again.

Even when they find him she watches as he struggles now more than ever to find out about TAHITI, what they did to them……it isn’t that she doesn’t want to know….she knows too much.

It is why we learn, she is there… protect him. To tell Fury everything Phil finds out because the consequences will be dire.

Phil finds out about this when SHIELD falls to HYDRA. Even after Melinda tells them she did it to protect him, because she cared…Phil reacts horribly to her. He screams he yells, shooting down everything she has to say. Is it because he wants to shut her out because he now knows she is more to him than just an ally? Or was it because he was truly mad the one person he trusted with her secrets lied to him.

Either way. It takes a ghost from his past, Audrey Nathan, to finally make him realize he’s lying to Audrey for the same reason Melinda lied to him…

Out of love and out of protection.

Phil finally says “I am going to make things right with May.” But by the time he decides this it’s too late. Melinda leaves.

Melinda could only handle so much reminding herself why she was there. But even then she breaks.

“I was there for Coulson,” She says before journeying as far away as she can. However we learn she doesn’t just leave to save herself from pain. She’s finding answers, which she finds burried deep within six feet of dirt.

She soon returns to him with the answers. Phil is relieved to see her there, almost believing she would never come back to him and fix the broken relationship.

But here she is continuing the fufill her purpose. To protect him.

She will always returns to him. She needs him, just as he needs her.

The story of Phil Coulson and Melinda May isn’t a story out of a fairytale. There is no magic, no dragons and no princes and princesses. Their story is more real and more gritty

Its the story two people….two BROKEN people who have been through heaven and hell. It’s a story of love and heartbreak. It’s the story of the impossible. It’s the story of trust. And above all a story how two people learned to depend on each other and weather no matter what horrible storm comes their way.

In a show with aliens and monsters, there’s reality….it’s beautiful

So….let’s talk about Philinda.

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So I found a's called 8Tracks Basically you sit there and you make playlists. For the past three days thats what I have been doing, going from my favorite rp couples to crack couples. Music has always been a catharsis to its fun to do this after work when I'm stressed Also IF YOU GUYS HAVE ANY REQUESTS EIGHT TRACKS IS EASY TO USE I WILL MAKE YOU SOME

Anyway I will start with my most recent one:



Unlike the others this one needs a bit more explaination, basically I used Cory Monteith as a Stargate Atlantis OC for my multifandom prior to his death, because Cory had a guest staring appearence as I basically took that Genii character with no name and a bit part as one of Kolya's men, and gave him a backstory. I didn't play him much on for bits in the beginning I guess Cory's death motivated to get more into this character. Even though The Character is Finn Hudson's antichrist (I got into Glee this year and play Finn as well), I absolutely love him ANYWAY one of my favorite rp ocs I created!! My character Ryder Strayden Kolya technically, is Athos' (Kolya's Buddy) son and Idos'(one of the fifty five men Sheppard killed cause Kolya made the mistake of hurting his Lizzie) bother was Acastus Kolya's Protigee and was a rising star soldier....until he found out that Kolya wasn't just a mentor......he had a affair with Mrs. Strayden and Ryder was the result of the affair. Ryder was absolutey furious and disgusted so he betrayed the Genii and decided to help Atlantis. This mix is about his relationship with Winnifred Teller (A OC who's PB is Lea Michele cause I think Lea/Cory were really cute together) and the eventual development of a relationship.

Others under here including John Watson x Mary, Clintasha, McDanno, Adam Noshimori/Steve McGarrett, Kolyabeth/Sparky )

And that's all I have for now....HAPPY LISTENING and remember I TAKE REQUESTS!!!
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So for my community [ profile] universe_the I had to do a picspam on my top ten aspects of 2013. So I decided to do my favorite subject....MY TOP TEN FAVORITE SHIPS I SHIPPED THIS YEAR!. Enjoy (for the most part in no Particular order).

Ships Banner

It's Love Make it Hurt )
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I need a good post where I can flail about Fandom (which is going to be my New Years resolution try to get more fandom posts in). So here it is...I am going to talk about the Recent Episode of S.H.I.E.L.D gave us all a fucking heart attack. Now I am going to put my thoughts behind a LJ cut. I only ask if you a LJ Spoiler which I think the tag is < lj-spoiler > blahhhhh ....cause seriously i made that mistake once NEVER doing THAT again. Or like put in the subject of the entry SPOILERS AHOY DON'T case people want to comment about what about to say about Joss Whedon and read it accidently.

I am going to start off by saying which is not a spoiler whether you watch anything in the Whedonverse whether it be all of his shows or only one (Browncoat fan here) JOSS WHEDON....JOSS FUCKING WHEDON is a genius. But at the same time....he's a god like George R. R. Martin he knows how to play with our emotions whether it be, joy anger or happiness. Now onto the spoilers


Leaving the floor open to you guys! Rememember be careful of spoilers!
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I am taking a break again from my 10 days of ships because I have no brain function. Atm but I am gonna post this:

I was only searching for Spock's Kahn Scream n the new trek. But when I saw this I just howled in laughter. It was like something out of a comedy movie!
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Minus yesterdays fail (because I was sleepy) we continue with one of my newer ships.

Aka Monster and Monster LURVE


How I came Across this ship?

I am not going to lie, I did not like Ruby for a while because everytime I saw her face I thought of this young woman I rped with a few times who was sooooooo cruel to me for no reason. It was a very superficial reason but it was one of those things you look at something and it brings you bad memories. But then I saw the scene where Ruby saved Whale in "In The Name of the Brother" not only did I start absolutely loving Ruby again but I saw the two of them click IMMEDIATELY!

Why I like this Ship?

The two of them are very alike in many ways. They are obviously both not of this world and are very troubled. And the most important they are connected by the fact they are good people who unwittingly did terrible things. I think in a way that makes them connected and able to help each other.

Favorite Moments with the Pair:

Unfortunately they are only together in one scene......and that is in "Th Name of The Brother" and that is the scene where Ruby saves him suicide and they talk

A Fic, A Video or Vidlet, I created for the Couple:


A Fic I recommend for the Couple

You Found Me by bristow. It basically shows how much Ruby is good for Whale. Very cute.
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Another Classic pair.

Aka Pretty Boy and Angel


How I came Across this ship?

Well I started watching Supernatural two years ago. When I got to season four when we first met Castiel I saw the Chemistry immediately and well...loved them ever since.

Why I like this Ship?

Dean and Cas do such wonders for each other. Dean shows Cas what it's like to be human when he doesn't know what it's like being a supernatural being. And theres a light that fills Deans eyes everytime he sees Cas. They are just good for each other.

Favorite Moments with the Pair:
1) "I am the one who gripped you tight and raised you from Predition"
2) Dean fixes Cas' tie in Season 5
3) Basically their whole time in Purgatory.

A Fic, A Video or Vidlet, I created for the Couple:

A Fic I recommend for the Couple

You Are Beautiful in All Things by tempusborealis This fic is goregous. The Description, the way Cas treats Dean....just awesome.
hanorganaas: (TA: Clint/Natasha 1)
Ahhh my favorite ship of recent days....and I believe half my Flist agrees with me!

Aka Our Master Assassins.


How I came Across this ship?

Alot of people on my Flist including [ profile] anuna_81, [ profile] daxcat79 and [ profile] lar_laughs were die hard Clintasha shippers. I didn't see the Avengers until September of that year but I didn't want to judge the couple until I saw them on screen. But damnit the moment Natasha started beating the crap out of those men after Coulson told her "Barton's been compromised" I am like yep there's something there. It was also cemented about how good Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner worked together as a pair, like they are an amazing duo.

Why I like this Ship?

They seem to complement each other very well, after all they work together and are both assassins. Also I believe Clint teaches her that her ledger is more than Gushing Red. They are also very loyal and devoted to each other which makes their partnership stronger and much more meaningful.

Favorite Moments with the Pair:
(This is a bit harder since they are just in a movie XD)

1) "Bartons been Compromised"
2) "Is this love agent Romanoff?"
3) The fight on the Helipad
4) "I've been compromised, I've got Red in my Ledger"
5) "You and I remember Budapest a Little Differently"

A Fic, A Video or Vidlet, I created for the Couple:

A Fic I recommend for the Couple
Stop This Ride by Sproid, This fic is a beautiful introspect of the couple starting when Clint made the "different Call" untill after the battle of New York. Theres also a brief scene with Clint's arms tied...which is an amazing mental image to my fetishes XD
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Im here after surviving a god damn fast and watching STiD.....Bennedict yummy. Here we go....I think my friends on [ profile] 1_million_words will like this one

Aka Hey how long have you two been married?


How I came Across this ship?

Another one introduced to me by the lovely miss Chelsea [ profile] ssw_loved, The moment I saw those two together bickering and bantering I am like a couple!

Why I like this Ship?

One reason they are absolutely cute and adorable together, whether they are bickering with each other over I don't know, sandwitches to just hanging out with each other. They naturally compliment each other even though at times they can be the polar opposite. Second reason they follow the theme that happens to be with all my couples. One character being broken and depressed (this case Danno) and the other (which would be Steve) bringing them out of the darkness. I think everytime Danny is around Steve something lights up in him its absolutely beautiful.

Favorite Moments with the Pair:
Oh god too many to list cause I love all their little fights. So I will just name my top three.

1) The hugs that seem to happen every time Danny almost dies, the best being the one in season 3 where Steve is actually crying.
2) Danny rescuing Steve in 2x10
3) Where the boys are watching Enemy Mine

A Fic, A Video or Vidlet, I created for the Couple:
The Ghosts the Move About

A Fic I recommend for the Couple

No-One's Ever Bested Me The Way You Did By Social Outsider, In my opinion this fic accurately describes how Danny felt during the first episode of H50. ITS ADORBS!
hanorganaas: (DW: River and Doctor)
A very late Day 3 (Nor has been going through this stupid Auditory Procssing therapy that makes her sleep 12 hours a day which is a different entry in its own right) the couples

Aka Heres to you Mrs Robinson (Though its changing with Mr. Capaldi)
DAY 3 RIVER & 11

How I came Across this ship?

In 2011 the lovely miss Chelsea my roommate aka [ profile] ssw_loved, got me into Doctor Who. And from the beginning she loved River Song. So I trusted her judgement. I mean I liked River but I thought in the beginning the relationship was rather absurd but as soon as I got to the second half of series six I saw how good they looked together and the shipping alarms blared.

Why I like this Ship?

Two Reasons
1) Its a very unique concept meaning the fact they were on two different time steams never meeting at the same point in their lives is beautiful. Sort of reminds me of The Benjamin Button in a way. But never the less it shows to be a love concurs all type of thing...they dont let their pasts or what they done affect their relationship
2) The fact that River is an older (yet beautiful) woman rather than the busty young companion for a love a very nice change.

Favorite Moments with the Pair:
1) "You, Me, Handcuffs" (Flesh and Stone)
2) "Who are you River Song" (The Big Bang)
3) Basically the whole of The Impossible Astronaut and Day of the Moon.
4) The end scene with them in A Good Man Goes to War
5) The Wedding of River Song, their marriage

A Fic, A Video or Vidlet, I created for the Couple:

A Fic I recommend for the Couple
Everything Changes But....Love? by [ profile] daxcat79, a halirious little tale that explores an older and vulgar 12th Doctor with River. Its really funny
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Onto day two.....and I chose a classic but still popular Slash Ship in the Whovian fandom. Whoever doesn't love these boys have no soul

Aka The Captain and his Tea Boy


How I came Across this ship?

Well Jack and Ianto were long popular before I started watching Torchwood and from the pictures I have seen of them together they looked very cute together. When I finally watched the show for the first time two years ago I immediately saw the connection between them ad fell madly in love with them.

Why I like this Ship?

In their dark lives I think th two of them bring out the best in each other. Ianto brings out a very kind and romantic side of Jack, while Jack showed Ianto he could find love again after tragedy. Seriously you saw a 360 turn in Ianto from depressed and broken to still brooding but happy. BTW I refuse to believe Iantos dead. Hes immortal....just like Jack and they are happy having immortal babies.

Favorite Moments with the Pair:
1) "Thats Harrasment Sir" (Everything Changes)
2) That Revival kiss in Cyberwoman
3) "There are 1000s of things to do with a stopwatch" (They Just Keep Killing Suzie)
4) Ianto smelling Jack's Jacket when he died (End of Days)
5) That reunion Kiss (End of Days)
6) Jack asking Ianto on a Date (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang)
7) That Hot kiss in To The Last Man
8) Sex in the Greenhouse/Naked Hide and Seek (Adrift)

A Fic, A Video or Vidlet, I created for the Couple:
If I Fell In Love

A Fic I recommend for the Couple

I'll Buy You a New One by [ profile] czarina_kitty Jack gets gagged with Ianto's tie....its hot...'nough said.
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So as I said last night I have to do 10 Consecutive entries on my journal for [ profile] universe_the so I decided to do 10 days of things I like to talk about SHIPS. So I will be doing 10 entries on my ships chosen at random. WARNING: I am a SUCKER for crack pairs....but some of them you will be like NOR WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU the one I am about to post. But others you may be like OHHHHH I like! But please whatever you do don't flame me So sit back relax and enjoy:

aka Nor is going to SGA Hell for even putting that bastard with the awesome Elizabeth (It's not like it's Sheppard....)

How I came Across this ship?

So I was stalking this girl who wrote alot of fics about Acastus Kolya and I found on her journal she was doing a fic challenge with Kolya/Elizabeth as a pair. She never wrote any fics with the couple. But I was so intrigued by the pair that I am like wow....all the hate sex these two will hot would it fucking be. Since then I have been thinking of story ideas and have been thinking of adding them in my big damn crossover series Which will be brief because shes going back to her beloved Sheppard

Why I like this Ship?

I always LURVE a good hero/villain relationship and the fact every time these two interacted they ended up doing one thing to antagonize the other. It makes for a dark and beautiful love relationship if the writers were to explore it. I also enjoy it because when I do write fics with these two I get to gt to explore a side of Kolya you don't get to see in the show.

Favorite Moments with the Pair:
1) Where he almost killed her in "The Storm"
2) Where she yelled at him in "The Eye"
3) The fact he grabbed her to bring her back to his homeworld "the eye"
4) The Massive amount of tension everytime Kolya broadcasted his torture on Sheppard in "Common Ground" the fact it goes from banter to tension. (It was also a good Sparky Episode)

A Fic, A Video or Vidlet, I created for the Couple:
The fic that jump Started my new fic Series Misconceptions

A Fic I recommend for the Couple
Unfortunately I wrote most of the fics for the pair. But the lovely [ profile] rinkafic wrote a fic with the couple based on a prompt I gave her called Atlantis Syndrome

And thats it....feel free to add comments or start a discussion but one thing......YOU FLAME ME.....I WILL DELETE YOUR COMMENT XD
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So everyone is doing this 100 things blogging challenge. I decided, this sounds fun and it will give me something to do for the summer, and help get in the habbit of writing for my two big bangs comming up. For the challenge I decided to do my favorite 100 ships from various fandoms and places this includes couples I've come across rping. Each ship will either get a drabble...linked on my writing journal or an explaination sit back relax and enjoy

Front Row Seat, R

About the couple )

(THE TUDORS) of The Saint, PG-13

(STARGATE ATLANTIS) Will Find A Way Just Give It Time, PG-13

(ONCE UPON A TIME) In Your Arms Tonight, PG-13

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So I got a card for [ profile] ancientcitybingo here it is

So I need a few SGA prompts inspired by each square to get this done. So I will leave this card out to my friends to give me ideas....just for a guide here is some guidelines for posting the prompts.

I ship, John/Elizabeth AKA Sparky, John/Rodney, Ronon/Teyla, Elizabeth/Kolya (Yes I am that Adventurous....fear me), Cadman/McKay, Ronon/Keller I am willing to be adventurous to try new pairings, but please no McKeller or anything with Woolsey.

Types of Fics I love to write smut, whump and whumpy parts with smut in it. Types of fics I WILL NOT write, Mpreg and deathfics.

So choose a square or two and prompt away, each person who does gets a shoutout in my fic =D
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