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So I am trying My hand at Acastus Kolya/Elizabeth Weir (Yes you read that right its my odd fucking pairing) at [ profile] 12_stories wish me luck. Heres my Table

01.Colour. 02.Decisions. 03.Rules. 04.Betrayal.
05.Passion. 06.Truth. 07.Loyalty. 08.Forgiveness.
09.Risk. 10.Nature. 11.Questions. 12.Watching.

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10 years ago a city rose from the ocean and a fandom filled with drama, fun, humor, adventure and very goregous men was born. Despite the fact I was not around for that I joined the fandom about 6 months after the finale WHOOPS but never looked back. But the characters still resignated with me...even if I wanted to kill some of the plots.

But the best part of being part of this was all the friends I made in this fandom.


Just put a prompt along with a character or ship and you will get a mini fic.

KEEP IN MIND my muse is very fickle when it comes to pairings so as a guideline here are a ship my brain allows me to write:

John/Elizabeth, John/Rodney, John/Ronon, Ronon/Teyla, Kolya/Elizabeth, John/Vala (Fuck John is litterally a Manwhore in my ships), Kolya/Rodney, Rodney/Cadman, Carson/Teyla.
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Its that time of year again. [ profile] hc_bingo and god dammit I actually wanna finish this year. Like totally gonna do it! So I am gonna need your help heres my card:

My hc_bingo card )

Here are the fandoms I write for

Stargate Atlantis, Glee (I just ask PLEASE DON'T TOUCH FINN WITH THE DEADLY ONES WITH A TEN FOOT FUCKING POLE DUE TO WELL I'M SENSITIVE WITH CORY MONTEITH AND DEATH IN THE SAME SENTENCE!!!), Agents of SHIELD, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Torchwood, Doctor Who, Hawaii Five-0, Supernatural, The Hunger Games, Once Upon a Time, The Tudors, The Vampire Diaries, Sherlock

SEND ME ALLL YOUR PROMPTS...You will get a dedication and my undying love thank you!
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So I am hosting this weekends [ profile] 1_million_words weekend challenge. I decided since it's my birthday on Monday to make everyone write really crack pairings. If you write and do graphics and want a challenge come on and join us!!! And if you like it well join the community and have some fun

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A Ficathon commemorating the recent out pour of feels thanks to this fandom

I am hosting it over at my writing Journal. Feel free to make banners for it. Leave prompts Write fics and Spread the word X3333

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So I found a's called 8Tracks Basically you sit there and you make playlists. For the past three days thats what I have been doing, going from my favorite rp couples to crack couples. Music has always been a catharsis to its fun to do this after work when I'm stressed Also IF YOU GUYS HAVE ANY REQUESTS EIGHT TRACKS IS EASY TO USE I WILL MAKE YOU SOME

Anyway I will start with my most recent one:



Unlike the others this one needs a bit more explaination, basically I used Cory Monteith as a Stargate Atlantis OC for my multifandom prior to his death, because Cory had a guest staring appearence as I basically took that Genii character with no name and a bit part as one of Kolya's men, and gave him a backstory. I didn't play him much on for bits in the beginning I guess Cory's death motivated to get more into this character. Even though The Character is Finn Hudson's antichrist (I got into Glee this year and play Finn as well), I absolutely love him ANYWAY one of my favorite rp ocs I created!! My character Ryder Strayden Kolya technically, is Athos' (Kolya's Buddy) son and Idos'(one of the fifty five men Sheppard killed cause Kolya made the mistake of hurting his Lizzie) bother was Acastus Kolya's Protigee and was a rising star soldier....until he found out that Kolya wasn't just a mentor......he had a affair with Mrs. Strayden and Ryder was the result of the affair. Ryder was absolutey furious and disgusted so he betrayed the Genii and decided to help Atlantis. This mix is about his relationship with Winnifred Teller (A OC who's PB is Lea Michele cause I think Lea/Cory were really cute together) and the eventual development of a relationship.

Others under here including John Watson x Mary, Clintasha, McDanno, Adam Noshimori/Steve McGarrett, Kolyabeth/Sparky )

And that's all I have for now....HAPPY LISTENING and remember I TAKE REQUESTS!!!
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In addition to [ profile] 1_million_words which is the meat of my moyitivation, I will be also doing [ profile] getyourwordsout, with the combo of the two I hope to get challenges like Big Bangs finally finished! And alot of work of progresses finish. So here is my meter.

350 / 150000

Obviously not much but I hope that will change! Go me! If you would like to cheer me on...go right ahead.
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So I don't usually promote communities but I feel this place deserves this. Last year I made a pledge to write more and get more words. I did some daily challenges but it wasn't enough. But then I stumbled upon [ profile] 1_million_words and it literally changed my life. I am a more motivated writer and instead of getting out something at least twice a year I get something fictional out at least once a month. So to show my gratitude for this new little adorable family I found this year I am going to advertise the community right here!

1 Million Acastus
REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD JOIN [ profile] 1_million_words

1) This place is not only a place for writers but for Graphics, so if you are a icon maker looking to get more icons it's the place to go.
2) The people are really nice. For all the drama I had this year.....I had NONE at this community. Everyone is sweet, kind and very supportive. No one ever fights there only supports...which even impresses the Owners.
3) The owner/founder speaking of which [ profile] kaige68 Is an absolute Darling. She is very supportive not only in writing and art making but in personal life too. I don't know how many times she came running to me to give me support. When I needed it like with the car
4) There is a prompt at least once a day, so you will be inspired to write and make art everyday.
5) You have so much fun there.

I urge you Flisters if you are a writer or a graphic artist to join this community. You will not regret it for a single minute! And guys thank you for getting me more motivated in writing. Love you all and this is me showing thanks X3.
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The comment ficathon for the SGA ladies is officially opened! Prompt away! There will also be banners to promote on communities and your journals.

A commentficathon/promptathon Celebrating the Women of SGA
Mar. 22nd, 2013 07:39 pm

Bingo Card

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So yeah you guys know Im not good with these.....but I am going to actually try this year to write as part of the 75000 words per year challenge... You know the drill, prompt me, fandoms and pairings I like are on my info page....I also take crossover pairings

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Pick any passage of 500 words or less from any fanfic I’ve written [within the last eighteen months or so], and comment to this post with that selection. I will then give you the equivalent of a DVD commentary on that snippet: what I was thinking when I wrote it, why I wrote it in the first place, what’s going on in the character’s heads, why I chose certain words, what this moment means in the context of the rest of the fic, lots of awful puns, and anything else that you’d expect to find on a DVD commentary track.

All my stories are on [ profile] y0ungandl0aded
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Alrighty I got a card for [ profile] angst_bingo.....I am on a roll with this thing anyway I need some prompts....fills I dont need prompts for are Drowning, Bullying, Depression and Eating Disorders (got them covering on HC Bingo so I am just gonna double up.

panic attacksdrowningbullyingbad sexguilt
dungeonsmultiple personalities crucifixiondepressiondiscovered
lacerationsusing others or being usedwildcardthe first timecraving
supernatural: gaining / losing immortalitysuperpowerscageshookersfallen angels
roofiedbroken boneseating disordersscarsisolation
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The whole reverse bang was a disaster. Seriously I was thrown off by that, my job and my trip. I feel awful about it and I am afraid to say it. But I won't let it throw me down. I am actually now on a writing roll since I got back which is one of my many changes since I got back passing through my HC BINGO with flying colors. Maybe I will apologize to the person one day but until then I'll focus on the things that have made me stronger and actually take this new inspiration.
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So everyone is doing this 100 things blogging challenge. I decided, this sounds fun and it will give me something to do for the summer, and help get in the habbit of writing for my two big bangs comming up. For the challenge I decided to do my favorite 100 ships from various fandoms and places this includes couples I've come across rping. Each ship will either get a drabble...linked on my writing journal or an explaination sit back relax and enjoy

Front Row Seat, R

About the couple )

(THE TUDORS) of The Saint, PG-13

(STARGATE ATLANTIS) Will Find A Way Just Give It Time, PG-13

(ONCE UPON A TIME) In Your Arms Tonight, PG-13

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So I am doing [ profile] dark_bingo since I was on a recent writing roll give me a prompt based on one of these squares and depending if it is a fandom I write for....I am determined to finish this time.

clonesburnsbullet woundsregaining memoriesfever / delirium
unconsciousnesszombie apocalypseamnesialoss of home / shelterpost-apocalypse
paranoid delusionsloss of hearingwildcardattacked by a creatureusing others or being used
forced to rely on enemy / rivalmiles from anywheretorturemutationsupernatural: poisoning and weaknesses
loss of identitybroken bonesworst case scenariolacerationsjust this once
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So I got a card for [ profile] ancientcitybingo here it is

So I need a few SGA prompts inspired by each square to get this done. So I will leave this card out to my friends to give me ideas....just for a guide here is some guidelines for posting the prompts.

I ship, John/Elizabeth AKA Sparky, John/Rodney, Ronon/Teyla, Elizabeth/Kolya (Yes I am that Adventurous....fear me), Cadman/McKay, Ronon/Keller I am willing to be adventurous to try new pairings, but please no McKeller or anything with Woolsey.

Types of Fics I love to write smut, whump and whumpy parts with smut in it. Types of fics I WILL NOT write, Mpreg and deathfics.

So choose a square or two and prompt away, each person who does gets a shoutout in my fic =D
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