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Mar. 24th, 2017

hanorganaas: (Actress: Carrie Fisher 3)
Okay guys I haven’t asked for money in a while cause surprisingly my homelife is getting better since my mom got a new position which causes her to be home less often. HOWEVER I am in a real freaking pickle here. So due to stress and what not, I just realized I fucked up and I forgot to pay my credit card balance this month. I am only human I make mistakes. However this puts me in a jam cause I have a low balance this week. This isnt a greed thing or anything this me avoiding asking woman who I am afraid to ask for shit cause she gets angry and abusive

I only need 45 tops + the money for the late fees as shown here:

payment 2

If I miss another month I am fucked pretty much fucked. So I dont have to ask my emotionally abusive parents on what is probably one of my worst mental lows and make myself even worse. If you could spare a bit I would really appreciate it. It’s such a low target so even like five people could donate and it would still be great. You could either donate here:


This will be the only time I will ask for a situation like this, and now that I have it on automaticly weekly payment, I wont run into a problem again Thanks guys. If not a signal boost will be JUST as greatly appreciated X33
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