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Nov. 10th, 2016

hanorganaas: (Star Wars: Poe 5)
Don't Worry Be Happy

Let's face it after a year of unfortunate events we were ALL done when Donald Trump was announced as the President Elect. Our Morale is low and we need a reason to smile. So I bring over this, interactive cheer up meme to at least take a break from the the hell of a year we had and think about the little things that make us smile, and nothing makes us smile more than our friends giving us little things to make us smile, even if it's a picture of something you like.

1) Leave your negativity AT THE DOOR. We had enough of it this week. Nothing but positive things are allowed here.
2) Your little gifts can be anything you know will cheer you up the poster from picspams to graphics to fanmixes to even fan fics let your imagination run wild.
3) You don't have to create your gifts, you can post a gif from Tumblr the giftee would like or a picture, hell you can even post fic recs.
4) You can reply to as many threads you want the happier the better!

How it works
You will create your own thread with a witty statement in the tittle "MAKE ME HAPPY" and fill out the following form:

Username: Self explanatory
Fandom things that make you happy: You can post a list of things that make you happy or you have a direct list link it here!
Non - Fandom Things that make you Happy: This can range from your favorite celebrities, to your favorite food, to even your favorite musicians
What type of things I would like to receive that will make me smile What would you like people to post for you? WOuld you like a drabble [please include kinks, tropes you like]? Would you like a fic rec? Would you like a graphic and or Picspam of your favorite celeb? A Cooking receipe? Anything.
Anything else Comments of love a happy gif perhaps?

Dont forget to link the entry so other people could join and your friends can post happy stuff!

Alright guys you know what to do! SPREAD SOME JOY!
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